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[Sticky] Before to start with AWS check this first: Operating within Amazon Web Services (AWS) and billing

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Hello and welcome! We are here to support those that are new to Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with those that continue to maintain and deploy on the AWS Cloud! An important consideration of utilizing the AWS Cloud is controlling operational expense (costs) when maintaining your AWS resources and services utilized.

We've curated a set of documentation, articles and posts that help to understand costs along with controlling them accordingly. See below for recommended reading based on your AWS journey:

If you're new to AWS and want to ensure you're utilizing the free tier..
If you're a regular user (think: developer / engineer / architect) and want to ensure costs are controlled and reduce/eliminate operational expense surprises..
Enable multi-factor authentication whenever possible!

Please note, this is a living thread and we'll do our best to continue to update it with new resources/blog posts/material to help support the community.

Thank you!

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